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We are DELIGHTED to be hosting a 3-Day Intensive with ANDY MCPHEE, working exclusively with our talent, this is a wonderful opportunity for our actors.

Andy McPhee is an Australian Actor, born in ADELAIDE, with an extensive career both local and international, best known internationally for his portayal of Irish biker Keith McGee in FX Sons of Anarchy (2010).

. Andy has also starred internationally in major release features such as Disney’s – Saving Mr Banks (2013), See Saw’s Slow West (2015) and Criminal Minds (2011) (our very own Samantha’s personal favourite, as she’ll inevitably tell you… many times – you’ve been warned!).

 Andy is known for Iconic Australian films and series such as Wolf Creek (2005), Animal Kingdom (2010), Pizza (2005), Wilfred (2010), Dr Blake Mysteries (2015), Gallipoli (2015) and critically acclaimed series Wentworth (2018).


Be sure to check out Andy’s website and his full list of credits here IMDB - Andy Mcphee

With perhaps his biggest yet to come…

You may also know his son, Kodi Smit-McPhee, recent GOLDEN GLOBE winner and ACADEMY AWARD & BAFTA nominee for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

The Power of the Dog (2021).



International Actors

Sydney Sweeney - Euphoria
“Sweeney revealed that she grew up with The Power of the Dog actor, Kodi Smit-McPhee. The pair lived in the same apartment complex in Los Angeles and became fast friends. Their friendship put Sweeney in close proximity with Smith-McPhee’s father, Andy McPhee. And McPhee gave Sweeney some career-changing advice… told me that I should separate myself as much as I can from the characters I play, because sometimes you can easily get lost in the character”

Sydney Sweeney reveals Andy Mcphee mentor Sydney Morning Herald with Sydney Sweeney


Adelaide Actors & Creatives

Kyle Davison

Budding Writer/Director - Locally renowned Field Recorder and Sound Designer – Current 4-week intensive

“Andy McPhee's 4 week intensive has re-ignited a fire within me to constantly look to create and do so without restriction and/or concern about being ‘wrong’. The freedom that comes from this experience is creatively liberating.

I've also used the term "a good kick in the arse"


Gail Morrison


“Andy’s intensive course allowed me to let loose my creative side that I had kept pushed down. He allowed me to express myself without fear or favour which I hadn’t really done before. He pushed me to study more languages which I am still really enjoying. He taught me things about myself that I will put into practice and I believe will really help me as an actor. The writing side of the course was cathartic; I was able to put down thoughts that I had and they created stories which were more entertaining than I thought they would be. He allows you the freedom to be yourself and to have the confidence to do what you love. I also learnt how to use new technology I didn't even know about, or how it could be utilised for my acting, and it showed me that I really can do it if I try, and trust in myself"


David John Clark

Actor & Host Of The Late Bloomer Actor podcast

“I came into Andy’s course looking for something different to all courses I’ve done; something to get outside of the mainstream audition process. And I certainly got that. Andy has a way of pushing you outside of your comfort zone; at first doing tasks that you don’t always know how they will improve you as an actor, and then BAM! All of a sudden it just takes hold and makes sense, and suddenly you deliver a scene in a fresh way. Certainly, looking forward to my next real audition now"


Samantha Hughes


“In the final week with Andy, I was fortunate to have two auditions that I didn’t overthink, for once! I had a new trust & confidence in my creativity, and I just smashed them!

Andy showed me how significant just 5 minutes a day doing something creative (or not!) can be and everyone has five minutes in their day"


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