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Thibul Nettle


180cm (5'11")

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Thibul Nettle is a renowned Indigenous Australian rapper and actor with multiple awards with a career spanning over two decades. He is a Nyoongar man and belongs to the Bibbulam and Whadjuk people of Perth Western Australia. After years of writing lyrical story-driven solo songs, Thibul turned his writing talents to film starting up his production company Firestick Films in 2014. Thibul's debut feature film “Friendship Love and Loyalty “which he wrote, co-produced and starred in won him a couple of awards at the Australian Screen Industry Network (ASIN) Awards Brisbane 2014 for Best Screen Play, Best Feature Film, Runner up Best Actor. In 2016 Thibul was one of five selected for the "Aboriginal Short Film Initiative" and went on to successfully shoot and finish his short film "The Protectors" with the help of producer Tess O'Flaherty from Happy Heart Productions. In 2018 "The Protectors” was picked up as Official Selection for the 2018 Revolution Perth International Film festival. On the back of that success, SAFC supported Thibul with funding on another short film called “Freedom” that too was selected for another Australian major festival and screened at the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival. In 2019 he made is directorial feature film debut on a micro budget, the film called Fate of the Night set for release 2021.

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