Buckland and Gun Pty Ltd are proud to announce their association and strong relationship with modelling agency KALOU MODELS, an innovative and diverse agency for men, women and children. Kalou Models specialise in modelling (runway / photographic), promotional work and training courses. Kalou Models particularly prides itself on representing a strong multicultural and diverse talent. They are not afraid to push boundaries, take risks and break moulds. 

Talented as they are, both Nick Buckland and Carina Gun produce work through their production company, SCUTI PRODUCTIONS, a South Australian based Film and Television Production Company.

Producing content allows them to create opportunities for our talent, for experience, exposure and, quite frankly, for the fun of it!

Our very own Director, Carina Gun, is also the Founder & Director of KISMET DRAMA. Kismet Drama teaches an organic style of acting where acting is about 'reacting' and 'being truthful' in the moment, whilst living in the imaginary circumstance.

Many of Kismet Drama's students are also represented by 'Buckland and Gun Management' and 'AAA Talent Agency' with a multitude having had professional work in film and television.

THE AGENCY is the working venue for Buckland and Gun Pty Ltd and Kalou Models. It's other function is to provide a versatile venue and space for training and hire for associated industries.

Available Spaces For Hire 

(including reception area):

Photo Studio/Audition Room - app. 2.5m x 5.5m 

Workshop space - app. 5.8 m x 8.2 m