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As one of Australia’s leading talent agencies, we take enormous pride in representing great actors and exceptional pleasure  in contributing to an industry that entertains the world

We are proud to have cast our actors in all of the above productions.

About Us


Who are we?

Buckland and Gun is an independent Talent Agency based in South Australia. Originally known as Adelaide Artists Agency (and AAA Talent Agency), the agency was acquired by Nick Buckland and Carina Gun.

Having met as actors on stage, and worked as professional actors, they seized the opportunity to take over the agency when the previous owner retired.

The agency now has a team that can boast many decades of collective experience in the film industry and has established itself as one of the most successful talent agencies in Australia.


What do we do?

Our sole purpose is to help film and television producers achieve their creative ideals with the benefit and support of talent represented by the agency.


How can we help?

We work with the abiding principle that we provide solutions, not problems. When a client approaches us with specific requirements, we do our utmost to ensure the provision of a timely and efficient solution.


Why us?

Because we care and we celebrate success. And because we remember that the most important attributes of an actor are empathy, commitment and professionalism, the very same values that we bring to the agency.

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