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Matt Hill


177cm (5'8")

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Hi, I'm Matt Hill. 36-year-old Sydney based actor. I’ve been an actor for 15 years.

I originally grew up on the central coast, loving the beach, health and fitness. And of course, I grew up watching movies, being inspired but such stories and the talent of actors portraying the characters…. And decided to follow the dream, set the goal and make it a reality.

I also currently run ‘Hillside Studios’. A little production co.  so, I can write and film, and direct and even edit. This is crucial to keep your mind/head in the game, and also connect with like-minded people.

I believe in outing in a good solid body of work to make an ongoing career, and something to proudly look back on.

Dedication, passion, commitment, ‘being effective’….  

They are all just the start!!!

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